Arrested cheater casino in Rhode Island

According to recent reports, it became known that in Rhode Island, a casino fraudster was arrested, who used an illegal scheme of playing slot machines to win at the hotel Tiverton. About what really happened, read on.

A cunning fraudster

On this fact, an investigation was conducted, according to which it became known that on Friday a man Joseph Clement, received real vouchers for $ 25 from Massachusetts near the casino Plainridge Park, and then changed them to use in the casino hotel Tiverton Casino. While committing the crime, he sold them to 25 players who went to play in the casino and won up to $ 500 each.

What the police say

The case was investigated by a detective from Rhode Island, Brendan Doyle. On three pages of his report, sent to the Newport Supreme court, he said the offender independently bought $ 500 worth of vouchers at the Tiverton Casino hotel. A few days later, he went to the casino to offer fake vouchers to women, who then received $ 500 playing gambling slot machines. His criminal actions turned out to calculate with the help of CCTV cameras that are inside Tiverton.

What the press says

The newspaper Newport Daily News reported that the criminal was arrested on December 17, while he was inside the building of Twin River Worldwide Holdings Incorporated. Police also reported that they confiscated 22 false vouchers from him and learned that the rest of the vouchers he had already sent by mail to his house, which is located in Merrimack, Massachusetts .


The story doesn’t end there. It became known that the offender was released after the trial on bail, in the amount of 10 000 dollars and was at large until February 28, when he was presented with an ad in Newport. He was charged under 15 articles, among the charges of forgery of documents, forgery of official papers, conspiracy, fraud, incitement of third parties to commit a crime.

In turn the criminal didn’t admit the guilt. He will be tried again on June 6, before the chief Justice of Newport, Brian van Koigen.

Criminal record

The police also established the story of Joseph Clement. Thus, the offender had previously been under investigation for assault and battery, attempted murder, unauthorized access to a computer system, threats of physical violence, rape of a minor, incitement to riots in the street, destruction of public and private property.

What about the other participants in the process?

All participants in the crime of Clement were arrested. They agreed that they came under Clement’s influence and illegally received a prize for money in the amount of 1500 dollars and Twin River Casino. The investigation is ongoing, and we will monitor its development.

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