Hall of the Mountain King – new video slot from Quickspin

A month after the launch of the durian Dynamite video gambling game, Swedish video slot developer Quickspin announced the premiere of its new five-reel and 20-line one-Armed Bandit Mountain King Innovation.

What did the press release say

On Monday, the Swedish company announced on an official press release that its developers in the creation of a new video slot were inspired by the musical masterpiece of Norwegian composer Edward Grieg of 1875 called Hall of the Mountain King. The performers decided to embody Nordic folklore with modern gameplay, adding it with pleasant music and sound effects.

Sea of bonuses

The official representative of Quickspin said that Hall of the Mountain King is the sixth game launched in January this year. The game is equipped with free spins that increase the chance of winning by 15 times, a mini game with the ability to increase winnings, a lot of bonus and the main character in the form of a king of trolls, waving a hammer to help the player get a big win.


Quickspin developer started work in 2011. Its chief product officer, Eric Gullstrand, said in a press release, Hall of the Mountain King is the first game to promote gamification tools in achievements, free levels, and a host of other unique innovations. This video slot contains everything to help the player win and get rewarded with real money.

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