In Pennsylvania received a license from the first store slot machine

In Pennsylvania in the County of Juniata in the network of stores Rutter’s Convenience store appeared the first terminals with gambling slots. Thanks to this, truckers were able to enjoy gambling during short Parking lots for the purpose of rest and replenishment of food stocks.

The new terminal gambling

According to the sub-news from the Associated Press, which was published by the US News and World Report, the Pennsylvania gaming control Board granted a license to 19 Rutter outlets located in Pennsylvania.

In October 2017, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe signed a new law allowing terminals to receive cash bets from players of $5 with a maximum payout of up to $ 1,000. The game turns out to be fair by using a random number generator in a video slot. In this case, the percentage of chance of winning the player is 85%.

What project managers say

According to representatives of the Associated Press, the newest terminal was opened near the William Penn highway and the Pennsylvania route 75. This new location, which is located about two miles South of Mifflintown Ohio and Atlantic city, as well as new Jersey, has gained immense popularity among truck drivers who wish to relax and purchase food on the road.

According to the head of the Board of control of the games in Pennsylvania, such an opportunity provided by Rutter, provided an opportunity to increase interest in its institutions among gamblers and made gambling even more accessible. According to him, the other 19 items are still under consideration and it may be necessary to resolve some issues before granting licenses for the installation of new terminals in other places.

According to him, after making some changes, the new machines will be recommended to the Board for control of the games in Pennsylvania. If the situation is not corrected to fully comply with state law, then their installation will be denied.

Bright prospects

Rutter’s chain of stores itself includes about 70 stores, which are located in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland. According to the head of the Board of gambling control in Pennsylvania, about 23 of them can be installed new terminals with video slots. It was also proposed to place the terminals in such places that are most accessible to truckers, that is, near major highways.

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