Intralot has entered into a contract with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation and entered the Canadian market

It became known that the company Intralot sa Signed an agreement with the lottery Corporation British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) to create a common subsidiary. Thanks to this agreement, signed for 5 years, it is planned to provide a lottery Central system with the Lotos X Platform, with the creation of fast lottery terminals, using modern technology Intralot based on cameras. Representatives of the enterprises claim that if things go well, they plan to extend the contract to 6 years.

New contract

BCLC has completed a series of public procurement for new lottery terminals, and search for software developers back in 2017. Then they signed a contract with the software developer Novomatic, but in the middle of autumn 2018 BCLC and Novomatic decided to sign a contract with the company Intralot, because already then all the terminals were already serviced by this company.

Officially formalized the relationship

In January 2019, Intralot has already formalized a partnership with BCLC, signing a contract for the maintenance of software lottery terminals. Today, BCLC has already established modern terminals lottery with individual controllers, tickets, indicators and printers, also supplying the software to your partner.

As evidenced by the company’s Board

Deputy CEO, Nikos Nicolacopoulos, said he is pleased that his company has signed a contract with BCLC. He also said that the supply of new lotteries will be an incentive to attract even more players and will allow the company to gain new experience in this field. He believes that thanks to this agreement the company has reached a new level and will be able to conquer the Canadian market. Today, the company offers a unique portfolio of innovative products to increase popularity and revenue

Restructuring the old to create a new one

At the same time, Intralot announced the dissolution of its four main subsidiaries. It was also decided to restructure several other divisions dealing with technological, operational and digital support of the company’s products. During the reorganization, it became known that the chief officer of sales and operations was Maria Sturge, which is tasked to provide oversight of the operating subsidiaries, along with projects sales and business development.

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