Signed a new contract for the supply of games Red Rake Gaming inks Novigroup Limited

The Spanish developer of gambling video slots for red Rake Gaming Casino reported that he signed an agreement on the provision of video games to the English websites of online casinos and Novibet.ko. and the Greek sites respectively.

What did the press release say?

On the official press release, the representative of Red Rake Gaming said that the agreement with the operator Novigroup is recognized to attract more gamblers to visit online casino sites. Sbyor offers several video slots, designed for the type of «one-Armed bandit»:

• Knights;

• Bonnie and Clyde;

• The Travels of Marco;

• Mystic Mirror;

• Tiger and Dragon titles.

The games feature modern gameplay, beautiful graphics and pleasant music. In addition, players will be able to enjoy a variety of bonuses, including wild symbols, tablecloths and additional games. The games are offered in both paid and demo versions, making them available not only for professionals but also for beginners.

Huge achievement of the company

In a recent press release, Nick Barr, managing Director of Malta’s Red Rake Gaming company, said the new partnership should attract even more online casino customers. Thanks to this, you can play good games with a lot of payouts on the websites of operators in Sweden, Malta, Romania, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and the UK. In addition, the representative said that such a step represented a great achievement for both companies and would help them in their future development.

According to him, cooperation with the European company Novigroup Limited will bring success and will help in the creation of new products that will become even more affordable for gamblers than before.

What does the other side say?

It is known that Red Rake Gaming in may has already signed a similar agreement on the provision of video slots on and Barr also said that he plans to release 30 video slots on each site, which are the most popular among gamblers.

In turn, the representative of Novigroup Limited described the developer Red Rake Gaming as one of the most popular and successful suppliers in the gaming industry and the company is also very pleased with this cooperation. The representative said that he plans to launch 14 popular video games on gambling topics during this summer and will offer new releases on Greek and English sites.

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