Sports betting in South Indiana

American casino Caesars Entertainment Corporation is going to build a new gaming complex, the size of 100 000 square feet near the old casino Horseshoe Southern Indiana.

The expansion of dominion

On Wednesday, may 15, Horseshoe Southern Indiana sports complex celebrated its 20th anniversary. Prior to this, in November 2018, representatives of the Board of the company admitted that they were going to expand ownership through the construction of a new building.

Multiple slots

It is known that South Indiana on the banks of the Ohio river, about 14 km from downtown Louisville, Kentucky, the company is going to make a one-story extension with a bookmaker. Play will be able to adult citizens, age 21 years. For them, the casino will feature games with a large selection of slots, as well as several additional gaming tables.

New hall

According to the latest press reports, the company Southern Indiana Riverboat is going to build separate non-Smoking rooms with high limits, private game rooms and sports bar before rebranding, the room will be equipped with the latest gaming equipment and stylish furniture.

The features of the company

The beginning of the construction of the new Playground was made possible since, at the beginning of the month, the Governor of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, has signed a local law on casino. Due to this, the company will not only help improve Caesars Indiana but also be able to compete with such a gaming tycoon as Derby City, located nearby.

The CEO and senior Vice President of a company in southern Indiana that is going to build a real entertainment center open to everyone. The project promises to be profitable, and therefore not a problem to attract patrons and customers.

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