The drop in sales of Chinese lottery

According to the latest data, there is a rapid decline in sales of lotteries in China by about 13.7% per year, which is almost 36 billion yen (about 5.30 billion dollars). However, in two provinces of China, these figures are on the contrary – not falling, but improving. On how this happens, read on.

Lottery ticket sales are falling in China

The Ministry of Finance of China noted that the Chinese lottery is one of the most losing projects in April. This is due to the fact that the number of its sales during the year decreased by 17.5%, which is about 16.30 billion yen ($2.35 billion). At the same time, the profitability of the Chinese sports lottery was not much better. Profit from it amounted to almost 19.71 billion yen, which in terms of 2.85 billion dollars during the year. Thus the profitability of the project decreased by about 10.4%.

Indicators are declining

Government data showed that the April figures were the reason that the total drop in sales of lotteries, sponsored by the Chinese state, since the beginning of the year amounted to 142.31 billion yen (20.59 billion dollars), which was the reason for a decrease in the number of tickets by 2.5% per year. The reason for this decline was a decrease in demand for tickets by 9.2% (approximately 65.35 billion yen, 9.45 billion us dollars), while 76.96 billion yen (11.12 billion dollars), according to the sports lottery of China, decreased by 4.1%.

Provincial indicators

Representatives of the service GGRAsia reported that the most populous Chinese province of Guangdong, which usually occurs most of the sales of lotteries, last year sold lottery tickets by 16.8% less than always. In a few months since the beginning of 2019, the inhabitants of this province, among 104.3 million people, spent about 13.11 billion yen ($1.89 billion) on the national sports lottery, which already promises a decline in the sale of the same lotteries by about 7.8%.

The second most popular of the two lotteries is Jiangsu province. Sales of lottery tickets going for about ¥12.02 billion (1.73 billion dollars) a year. Neighboring Shandong province shows an increase of 5.5% growth in sales of lottery tickets, which is Colo ¥11.58 billion (1.67 billion dollars a year).

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