The Governor of Illinois, J. B. Pritzker approved a $ 45 billion plan to create a casino for gambling and sports betting

It’s been reported that the Governor of Illinois, J. B Pritzker June 28 signed a plan to recreate the gaming facilities in the state. Here it is planned to re-launch the casino and sports betting. New opportunities for gambling are planned to be introduced in Chicago, including the construction of entire complexes for casinos.

According to the Governor, this plan represents the most complete reconstruction of the casino in the history of the state. He took the largest capital master plan in the amount of 40 billion USD. The project is planned to be implemented within 6 years to restore the old buildings, purchase the necessary equipment and re-train the staff.

What they will spend money on

According to the plan, it is planned to reconstruct transport links, administrative buildings, educational institutions, as well as the maintenance of the environment and the creation of new green spaces.

According to the Governor, it is proposed to implement not only the plan to improve the infrastructure. It is planned to create new jobs in the state, which were absent for a long time in Illinois. This should bring economic growth in the state, providing new opportunities for the inhabitants of this place.

What will be the casino

A completely new casino will open in Chicago, which should bring many benefits to the state, as well as increase the opportunities for citizens to get a good job. Profits will be distributed between the city (so that state organizations also receive a decent salary), the state and the owners of the casino.

Casinos are also going to launch in Danville, Rockford, Mokihana and the suburbs in cook County.

Bookmaker’s office near Wrigley field

It is planned to open a bookmaker’s office near Wrigley field , but no comments on this matter the management has not yet given. Previously, projects have been proposed to legalize sports betting in the state, and now they can be implemented at the legislative level.

According to the MLB representative, he will work with clubs to fully explore the opportunities provided by sports betting.

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