What really happened at Minute Maid Park

An interesting event took place on Wednesday, may 29 2019, when a Chicago Cubs played at night against the Houston Astros from Minute Maid Park. Almost at the very end of the game, 25-year-old albert Almora Jr. caught a shell when his team won with a score of 2-0.

Striker fielder from the Chicago team did not properly serve, causing the ball flew to the stands with great speed and hit a little four-year-old girl. The child fell and was immediately picked up by the adult with whom she came to the match. The young fan did not lose consciousness, however, was taken to the hospital for examination.

What happened to the injured girl

As it turned out, the child really got serious injuries in the form of a skull fracture and pain shock. According to the representative of the child’s family, she was also found to have subdural bleeding, brain contusions, cerebral edema and abnormally strong heartbeat. At the moment she is in hospital treatment in order to prevent the development of further consequences.

What MLB does

After the accident, in order to prevent injuries to viewers that may occur in the future, the company Washington Nationals, Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers decided to build a protective grid over the MLB field, where the all Star break competition will take place in July 2019. Chicago Cubs also decided to similarly secure other sports grounds, such as Wrigley Field, where they play baseball in the Major League. The changes should be implemented from Friday, July 5 to Tuesday, July 9.

What they say in the press

The risk management Manager of Astros addressed the family of the injured girl and wished to participate in her treatment. The child was placed in hospital for a few days, and additional examination will be conducted in July. The representative refused to share the rest of the information as the child’s family requested confidentiality.

Sean Doolittle, a spokesman for Washington Nationals, said he was very pleased that the company had decided to understand the girl, as well as the decision of sports companies to improve the safety of the field for the game. He believes that in this way fans of baseball can not be afraid for their safety and the safety of their children during matches.

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